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Sunday, August 24, 2014
6:00 AM
New Improved Christians
In a society where the term Christian is too often associated only with hypocrisy, judgmentalism, and anti-homosexuality, many young people of the faith are distancing themselves from religious labels. They say their focus is fighting FOR the world and its restoration-not fighting OFF the world. Gabe Lyons is founder of Q ideas.org, a learning community that mobilizes Christians to advance the common good. He discusses his research for his book The Next Christians: the Good News About the End of Christian America. Shirley Hoogstra hosts.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
2:30 AM
Molestation: Breaking The Silence
Molestation is a life-altering trauma that 1 in 5 American children experience, yet it rarely comes up in conversation. Survivor Nicole Braddock Bromley started an organization called OneVOICE Enterprises to break the silence in our families and in society. She discusses conversations she has had with hundreds of victims on her speaking tours, and experiences related in her books, including Hush: Moving from Silence to Healing after Childhood Sexual Abuse. Shirley Hoogstra hosts.

Thursday, August 28, 2014
12:30 PM
The Good Life
You may long for the latest gadget or fashion, more because of the image it projects than for any other reason. Where do those images come from? Calvin College philosophy professor Jamie Smith, executive director of the Society of Christian Philosophers and author of Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation, says our idea of what is "the good life" reveals a lot about us. Karen Saupe hosts.

Sunday, August 31, 2014
6:00 AM
Burma Bound: Story of An Activist
When Edith Mirante travelled to Thailand to study art, she found herself distracted by stories of atrocity in Burma. She became deeply involved in raising awareness about the plight of the people she met, traversing jungles and camping with soldiers to collect eyewitness accounts. Her tales come from the two travelogues she wrote about her adventures. Shirley Hoogstra hosts.