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Bringing It Home with Laura McIntosh
Home Page: http://www.bringingithome.com/
Channel: KWSU

Thursday, August 7, 2014
12:30 AM
Fresh from Boston
Laura takes a quick trip to Boston and leaves no stone unturned as she visits Chef Frank McClelland's farm. We cook and explore the farm that feeds both his family and restaurant. Laura makes another stop to see friend and Chef Bill Brodsky then dives deep into an authentic Cranberry harvest. Working up an appetite while in the bogs, Laura stops in at landmark restaurants to fuel up on delicious dishes and makes a few pit stops along the way to soak up Boston. For easy recipe ideas and tips, check out the Laura@Home segment featuring a Cranberry Mignonette.

Thursday, August 14, 2014
12:30 AM
Join Laura as she bakes the day away under a raisin arbor that's minute away from harvest. In this episode we will discover how raisins are cultivated and cooked. Laura uses this fresh ingredient to make sweet treats with friend and pastry Chef Bill Corbett. Laura will learn raisin-farming practices with Steve Kister, a third generation grower. Steve shares with Laura the lay of the land and reaffirms his sustainable farming practices. For easy recipe ideas and tips, check out the Laura@Home segment featuring a flavored whipped cream recipe!

Thursday, August 21, 2014
12:30 AM
Southern Inspired Recipes
They say southern food is good for the soul and these recipes will certainly do the trick. Laura invites Chef Dean Dupuis a New England Native to the Central Valley to show off deep southern flair. The surprising bounty of greens showcased in the episode demonstrates this regions unique microclimate that is a secret treasure. Laura finds other treasure in the region with a family estate that began from less than modest means. Join our new segment of Laura@Home to prepare a collard green relish that is ready to add a southern inspiration to any recipe. Let's learn how to make Chow Chow!

Thursday, August 28, 2014
12:30 AM
Fresh Cherry Recipes
Laura invites friend and Executive Chef Patrick Mulvaney to Bringing It Home! Patrick shares exciting and easy recipes using fresh cherries in this episode of Bringing It Home. Watch and learn as Laura and Chef Mulvaney prepare these recipes straight from Laura's family orchard. How delicate are cherries to harvest...we will show you. Want more? Then don't miss the Laura@Home segment as she prepares her "Skinny" Simple Syrup. Learn how to make your favorite drinks with less guilt!