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Paint This with Jerry Yarnell
Home Page: http://www.yarnellschool.com
Channel: KTNWDIG

Saturday, August 23, 2014
2:30 PM
Wine & Roses (Still Life), Part 3
Begin highlighting roses and using the synthetic chisel-edge brushes to start under-painting the large grape leaves-adjusting the value of the color so that they show up against background. Then begin highlighting leaves to give them form. Now build darker shadows on back side of grapes. Then add additional grapes and leaf stems. Then finish by adding rose leaves and additional highlights to grapes, rose petals, wine glass, and wood table.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
1:00 PM
My Favorite Things, Part 1
Jerry discusses the unique steps that an artist will take to actually develop a painting. What exactly is his or her inspiration from idea to the execution of the painting? He discusses the use of a camera for resources, using a color printer and setting up a research library. The next step is the setting up of a still life, the proper lighting, suggested items for the setting such as colored fruit, vases, flowers, all the while watching the negative space even as you set up the still life. What we see in life, what we feel, the emotion that follows, that passion for painting, which is how an artist operates. After deciding on the composition, Jerry begins the background with Turquoise Deep and Ultramarine Blue; when it is dried he sketches in the composition with a white conte pencil.

Saturday, August 30, 2014
2:30 PM
Wine & Roses (Still Life), Part 4
This session is all about final details, highlights, shadows, and adding wood grain to wooden table top using script brush and chisel edge brushes. Then finish by adding additional pedals which have fallen from rose, and then carefully add any additional highlights.