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Dutch Oven Logo Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking
From camp cooking in the great outdoors to gourmet dishes prepared by some of the worlds greatest chefs, let our master cooks show you how to create your very own culinary masterpieces!                                                                          
Rosemary, Roast and More
This One-Pot Dinner is sure to please everyone in camp! Butch seasons this roast and vegetable dinner with Rosemary, which blends in well when slow-roasted in the traditional cast iron Dutch Oven. Butch even prepares Camp Nachos for those nibblers that can't wait for dinner and a special Short Cut Pie for those with an after dinner sweet tooth!
Catfish Stew
Join Butch as he takes you step-by-step through preparation of a unique camp meal, Catfish Stew and Corn Bread. Hungry campers are sure to be impressed with this outdoor feast which includes Baked Bananas.
A Little Bit of Germany
Butch brings a little of the German culture to today's meal of Kielbasa Stew, Beer Bread, and Apple Crisp. Find out how easy it is to prepare a camp meal using both the traditional cast iron Dutch oven on hot coals and the aluminum Dutch oven over a propane stove.
Finger-Lickin' Back Country Ribs
More tall tales and Dutch oven tips await you in this program where Butch prepares his finger-lickin’ Back Country Barbequed Spareribs. His Sandbar Pasta Salad was developed on a rafting trip in central Idaho and has become a favorite of his friends and family. Boiled Spuds & Veggies have become a staple on many camping and floating trips.
Basque & Czech Special
An ethnic flare from the Basque and Czech regions of Europe make today's program very special. Roast Goose with Dumplings and Sauerkraut, along with Blackberry Cobbler, create an unusual camp treat. Butch uses the traditional cast iron Dutch oven to prepare these specialties.
Streamside Delight
Along with Caesar Salad, Asparagus Spears and Herb Biscuits, Butch takes you step-by-step through preparation of Streamside Fish using halibut as the main ingredient. This program focuses on the use of herbs and seasonings to create a very palate-pleasing meal.
Steak & Cake
Butch uses the traditional cast iron Dutch oven to prepare one of his favorites, Stuffed Flank Steak. In this main dish recipe, the meat is slowly tenderized as it cooks over charcoal briquets. This meal is complete with Cucumber/Tomato Salad, and Focaccia Bread. Tasty Blackberry Cake completes this wonderful camp meal.
Old Country Cacciatore
According to Butch, one of the most versatile items in a camp cooler is chicken. In today's program, he shows you how to "wow" your camping buddies with another of his favorites, Chicken Cacciatore Over Rice. Freshly seasoned Italian Vegetables and Garlic Bread add a taste of the old country to this Italian favorite.
Four-Course Campers Delight
Butch adds loads of flavor to this program with his spicy tall-tales of personal experiences gained as a camp cook. Orange and Almond Glaze adds color and flavor to the Baked & Glazed Ham prepared in the traditional cast iron Dutch oven. Spuds-N-Onions Au Gratin and Green Beans add freshness while Peach Cobbler, prepared with honey and nutmeg, will surely be a popular finish to this flavorful camp meal.
Yankee Chili and the Fixins'
This rib-sticking dinner is sure to become a favorite at camp and at home! Using the traditional cast iron Dutch Oven. Butch completes the Yankee Chili meal with Homemade Cornbread and Blackberry Dump Cake. Watch how Butch adds some special ingredients to the chili right before serving to give this meal great texture and flavor.
Roast Turkey and Fixins'
Don't wait for the holidays to use this Dutch oven cooking technique! Join Butch as he prepares a Roast Turkey, Dressing, and Steamed Sweet Potatoes with Cranberries. This meal can be prepared for hungry campers in the woods or on your backyard patio with great results. Completing the meal is one of Butch's specialties, Cherry Chocolate Dump Cake which bakes while your hungry group is enjoying dinner.
Aluminum Foil Dinners
Butch remembers his younger days as a Boy Scout by preparing a one dish meal he calls Scout Burger. This recipe is so basic, even an inexperienced camp cook will find it easy to prepare and hungry campers will find it delicious. Using the same aluminum foil technique, Butch also prepares an elegant northwest salmon dish that will please the most discriminating palate. Side dishes of Rainbow Ricea and Steamed Broccoli compliment this special salmon bake.